Thursday, July 30, 2020

#Booky100Keepers Day 88: "Mi and Museum City" by Linda Sarah (Phoenix Yard Publishing)

Sometimes we're left feeling a little sad by some of the entries in our #Booky100Keepers list. Some titles never quite gained the traction they so richly deserved and this is definitely one such title, the utterly original, brilliant and sublime "Mi and Museum City" by Linda Sarah.

Imagine an incredible cultural city populated by dozens and dozens of different museums. That is, of course, what you'll find in Museum City where each and every citizen takes it upon themselves to set up a museum about their favourite things.

Some are fantastic collections of the weird and wonderful. Some are so dull you'd swear they'd send you to sleep the moment you walked through the doors.

While exploring Museum City, Mi - a strange creature - hears the most gorgeous haunting music and immediately investigates where it's coming from.

Then Mi makes a new friend - called Yu - and the two embark on a journey of discovery as they begin to warm to the delights of the world they live in, and of course the strange and eccentric folk they share a neighbourhood with. Their aim is to change the world one museum at a time, encouraging folk to set up less museums about boring stuff, and more celebrating the amazing beauty in our world.

We were so inspired by this and it's funny that only last week we were talking about it again - imagining what it would be like to set up our own museums (originally C wanted to set up an ice cream and loom bands museum, though I think nowadays she'd opt for an Animal Crossing / Sims museum instead - Me, yeah I'd probably still go with a boring museum about pens!)

Linda is one of those folk who you just KNOW has music in her head all the time, and a zillion and one awesomely creative ideas, the sort of person you'd just love to share a coffee with and just talk, and talk with. This book really is something special. I've no idea if it's still in print but it's well worth hunting down a copy.

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Mi and Museum City by Linda Sarah (Phoenix Yard Books)

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