Tuesday 24 April 2012

A Dose of Dr. Dog by Babette Cole (Jonathan Cape Ltd)

I've been meaning to pick this up for Charlotte for ages (well, since we obsessed about the first Dr. Dog book and found out that there was a sequel). So it arrived from Amazon t'other day and I could barely get the book out of the packaging before Charlotte demanded "Read it, Daddy!"

As you've probably gleaned from this blog, we're fans of Babette Cole's rather strange (and sometimes quite rude) sense of humour. In Dr. Dog we met the unhealthy Gumboyle family and their highly trained medical pooch. In the sequel we find out what happens when the Gumboyles interrupt Doctor Dog's lovely restful holiday (needed to get over the stress of caring for the Gumboyles, walking health hazards that they are).

Of course it doesn't take too long before the family are once again getting up to mischief and putting their health at risk.

As you'd expect from a Babette Cole book, no gross stone is left unturned as we see what happens when the family get all sorts of tropical illnesses. Aided by his new friend Professor Dash Hund, Doctor Dog must once again run around like a mad thing sorting out everything from a nasty boil to chronic sunburn.

I tried (in vain) to convince Charlotte that this book wasn't anywhere near as good as the original Doctor Dog book, but she wouldn't have it. Thus, I'm afraid dear reader, that it's book of the week but I stick by my statement - it's not as good as Doctor Dog (certainly not as educational though it does contain some quite handy hints on using natural remedies to treat ailments) and there's really only one way Babette Cole can go with the series. Introduce Mrs Doctor Dog, as Charlotte's already demanding to know why there isn't one!

The Gumboyles gatecrash the wedding? You just know it'd make a good read!

Charlotte's best bit: The fact that Aloe Vera was used as one of the cures (she ate some once, didn't like it though!)

Daddy's favourite bit: The fact that Grandad managed not to blow anything up with his volcanic bottom this time.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, book of the week.