Monday, 26 November 2012

Bored Bill by Liz Pichon (Tiger Tales / Little Tiger Press)

Bill the Dog leads a fairly charmed life really, yet he's totally, utterly, completely, mind-crushingly bored...bored...BORED!

Food bores him. Being brushed by his loving owner bores him. Even exciting walks in the park or karate lessons bore him to pieces. All Bill wants to do is laze around the house all day, bored.

So what on earth could possibly shake Bill from his torpor? A very windy day, a storm and a trip to space might just be enough to convince Bill that life's not all bad after all.

If you've ever experienced the long school holidays and heard the plaintive cry "We're bored, mum / dad!" you'll probably love Liz Pichon's wry observations and who couldn't love Bill as he mopes around at the start of the book.

Great illustrations accompany the text and Bill's effervescent go-getting owner Mrs Pickle is a complete laugh-out-loud hoot.

Fun, adventure and a nice tale about appreciating every moment of life that you can, Bored Bill is anything but boring!

Charlotte's best bit: Yucky alien food, ewwwww!

Daddy's favourite bit: Mrs Pickle, the karate expert - Haiiii-YA!