Monday, 26 November 2012

Sticker Dolly Dressing - Princesses (iPad App - Usborne Publishing)

The iTunes app store is awash with dress-up apps and most of the time these 'free' apps are thinly veiled purchase-driven cash ins that soon frustrate children (and parents) as they realise the majority of the content needs to be paid for separately to get the full benefit.

Thankfully, Usborne's Sticker Dolly Dressing - Princesses app is absolutely packed to the gills with content so once you've paid the app price (£2.99), there's a huge amount to see and do.

Based on Usborne's popular "Sticker Dolly Dressing" range of sticker books, the app version features the same colourful and engaging artwork but of course once your child has finished their creations, they can start all over again.

First, you can select your favourite princess and then pick a scene to include them in. Then you can really go to town dressing the princesses in a vast array of costumes and accessories.

It doesn't end there. Once your princess is suitably dressed for the ball (or any of the other scenes), you can add extra items, characters (including some very cute pets) and decorations into the scene.

Because there's so much content in this, it kept Charlotte occupied for ages and it's quickly become one of the apps she always dives for whenever she's allowed on the iPad. With easy to use drag and drop controls, and (blissfully) no repetitive tinkling music to drive parents absolutely crazy, it's definitely one of the better dress up apps on the market. Some parents might be slightly put off by the £2.99 price tag but for the sheer amount of content and features, it's definitely worth looking at for any princess-obsessed children who just can't get enough of dress-up apps.

Charlotte's best bit: She loves adding items into each scene and tweaking the dress patterns / hair colour

Daddy's favourite bit: Hooray! No repetitive music and chock full of content, unlike a lot of 'free' dress up apps that are just thinly veiled purchase-driven hollow shells.