Monday, 22 April 2013

#happybirthdaydirtybertie "Pooh, is that you Bertie?" by David Roberts (Little Tiger Press)

We're celebrating 10 years of David Roberts' stinky little lad Dirty Bertie on ReadItDaddy today. So what did Bertie get up to next after his previous dog-licking plant-watering antics?

How can we put it delicately? Trouser trumps? Bottom fluffs? Tummy squeaks?

Whatever you like to call them, trumps are trumps and in "Pooh, is that you Bertie?" we find out that little Bertie is a lad with a big wind problem.

"He lets off at the dentist
He lets off during tea
He lets off in a wendy house
With wild abandoned glee!"

As Bertie quite rightly points out, he's not the only one floating air biscuits at home. Mum covers hers with a polite cough. Dad sneaks them out when he thinks no one's listening and Gran? Gran blames the cat!!

This fart-tastic book comes complete with buttons to press at each point in the story, to treat everyone in the family to a wide selection of genuine bronx cheers (we've completely run out of trump analogies now I'm afraid!)

Funny and fwoofy, if you have a trump-obsessed little one at home they'll be in tears of laughter over this.

Charlotte's best bit: Big Sister's rather musical bottom burps

Daddy's favourite bit: Mum's polite trouser cough-cover (ahem hem!)

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)