Monday, April 22, 2013

#happybirthdaydirtybertie "Dirty Bertie Early Readers" by Alan Macdonald and David Roberts (Little Tiger Press)

It's "Happy Birthday Dirty Bertie" day on ReadItDaddy today, and along with the children's picture books there's a range of early chapter readers featuring the boy with a billion dirty habits, Dirty Bertie himself.

The range now comprises 100 books covering a wide range of stomach-churning topics such as "Pants", "Bogeys", "Loo!", "Fleas!", "Germs!" and a whole host of other subjects dear to our favourite little flatulent fellah's heart.

We dipped into a few titles that Little Tiger Press were kind enough to send through for review - and though they're pitched at children slightly older than Charlotte (let's face it, grim and gross subjects NEVER get old for kids!) they're brilliantly written by the talented fella behind CITV's "Horrid Henry" series, Alan Macdonald.

With original illustrations peppered throughout the books by Dirty Bertie's creator, David Roberts, there's a whole host of giggles and guffaws to be had. The range is very reasonably priced so it won't wear too much of a hole in your pocket either!

Happy Birthday Bertie! Long may your nose be picked!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)

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