Thursday, October 6, 2016

A fab guest post from Britta Teckentrup, children's book superstar!

Today we're delighted to host a guest post from none other than Britta Teckentrup. Britta's new book "Oskar Loves" is a book celebrating the sheer joie de vivre of a wonderful little crow called Oskar.

So here's Britta with five things she loves...

5 things I love …


I love sitting on trains…
I am sitting on a train as I write this blog post in fact - on my way to Prague.

Sitting on a train and watching the world go by seems to make room for ideas in my head.

Especially when the train is empty …

My best story ideas seem to find me on long train journeys.


I love trees ….

It is something that is probably quite obvious from my books and artworks.

My flat is surrounded by two large trees.

It feels a little bit like living in a tree house.

But just a little bit … as I live right in the centre of Berlin.

I can’t wait for the leaves to turn yellow in October.


I love cats …

I used to have two cats called Oskar and Sputnik.

Sadly Sputnik is no longer with us but Oskar is still going strong aged 20!

The crow character in ‘Oskar loves …’ is based a tiny little bit on Oskar the cat.

Oskar the cat sleeps a lot these days but still gets his crazy five minutes every now and then!

He also gets lots of treats and cuddles and rewards me by sleeping next to me when I am working on my books.


I love autumn …

Everything about it!

The wind … the colours …the falling leaves ...


I love books …

Of course I love books.

Our home is full of books.

I have got a large collection of picture books … I just can’t help myself. J

And my husband has got a library of over 2000 books.

Just like Oskar the crow … I love to get lost in books and discover new worlds and places.

And as I have written ‘Oskar loves…’ I LOVE everything Oskar loves, of course!

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