Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brick by Brick: Space by Warren Elsmore (Weldon Owen Publishing)

Well this is definitely a 'first' on the blog...I think this is only the third time we've properly covered anything Lego-related...
...Which, considering how much of an obsession we both have with Lego, is quite astonishing.

Still, if you're going to cover an awesome Lego building project book, you've got to push the boat (or spacecraft) out with something a bit special.

"Brick by Brick: Space" by Warren Elsmore is definitely not a building project book for the faint hearted. Assuming that you're a bit of a "Master Builder" you'll probably have a huge collection of different Lego parts to delve into. If you're anything like us, an awful lot of that will come from those times when you get fed up of keeping Lego kits in their original form (who the heck loves dusting Lego models? Not us!) and basically mash the lot into a huge box to be delved into as and when you want to build things.

So assuming the latter, you're going to love building all the fabulous real-world space stuff in this book.

Everything from the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle, the Mars Rover - even planets in the Solar System themselves (and if you think building a sphere is 'easy' with Lego, more power to you!) are all contained within this amazing book.

We'd definitely say that it's fascinating to see just what you can build. All the models really do look like their real-life counterparts, picked out in glorious bricky detail in each and every case.

The book also adds lots of facts and figures about each space object, serving as a brilliant educational resource to help space-obsessed kids learn more about the amazing exploration missions that have been taking place since NASA and other space agencies were first formed.

It's a gorgeously presented book. Illustrations and diagrams are clear and concise, and the photography of the models is really superb too.

If you've a huge bucket of lego sitting there waiting to be turned into something spectacular, this book is definitely going to be a boon.

"Brick by Brick: Space" by Warren Elsmore is out today, published by Weldon Owen.

(Kindly supplied for review by Weldon Owen Publishing)

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