Monday, 26 June 2017

Ophelia Pang's Interactive Art Book (Batsford Publishing)

If there's one thing we love more than anything else, it's the excuse to dig into a new and inspirational art book...!
"Ophelia Pang's Interactive Art Book" is just the sort of thing that gives kids tons (and adults too) tons and tons of confidence in their artistic and doodling endeavours.

Ophelia's approach using eye catching and simple designs is to tell stories through art. Rather than difficult and tricky technical breakdowns of how to create particular pieces, Ophelia's book serves more as inspiration than instruction, planting the seeds of great ideas in a child's mind so that they can let rip with their own colours and pencils to create truly stunning pieces of art.

Ophelia's own work is an amazing eclectic mix of geometric forms and glorious colours  - and this book provides space for kids to start experimenting alongside Ophelia's work before encouraging them to take their own solo steps in art.

Beautiful, esoteric, eye catching stuff!
One of the best ways of spending time with your child is when you can both take time out from the busy world, break out some paper and colours and follow some very simple guidelines to build up a fab picture.

Colouring exercises are a gentle introduction to Ophelia's world of contemporary art
Kids who don't feel they're confident enough to draw can start by colouring in some of the page spreads in this attractive book.

We loved the presentation and ideas in this one, and the fact that kids will be able to get started straight away with some of the simpler stuff before building their confidence and ability gradually.

"Ophelia Pang's Interactive Art Book" is out now, published by Batsford Publishing (kindly supplied for review).