Thursday 21 June 2018

Out today! The fabulous "Seashore Watcher (Watcher Guide Books)" by Maya Plass (QED Publishing)

There's something quite satisfying, even soothing about a trip to the seaside to indulge in some rockpooling / beach scouring...
As many of you head off to the coast to make the most of the fine weather, why not pick up a copy of "Seashore Watcher" by Maya Plass - which is published today by QED Publishing.

Housed in a handy waterproof ziplock bag to keep the sand and sea out of your lovely new book, it's an essential guide to all the things you'll be able to spot when you're roaming around the coast.

Whether sandy or pebble-strewn, rocky or muddy there's always fun to be had and a ton of interesting things to spot and find, including lots of different animals and plants that make our rugged coastline their home.

We love collecting shells and sea-glass, and there's a fabulous and handy guide to identifying which animals the shells belong to.

Things to look for when setting out on your seaside expedition
Sumptuously illustrated with tons of fabulous colour photographs to really help you get up to speed with all the things you'll spot, it's a great little book to tote along with you.

See? Shells! Seashells! On the sea shore!
The book also points out lots of safety tips, and also (sadly) covers one of the most important aspects of marine pollution at the moment - the amount of plastic you can find on the beach, what to do about it and what usually causes it. A great point to make, encouraging kids to think about the ecological impact we humans have on our oceans and coastlines.

C's best bit: Learning about all the marine wildlife you can find evidence of on your local beach (particularly those peanut worms! Eeek!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A fantastic resource for beachcombers who love visiting the coast to see all the amazing things you can find amongst the rocks and sand. The zip-loc bag for the book is also a really brilliant idea too!

"Seashore Watcher" by Maya Plass is out today, published by QED (kindly supplied for review).