Monday, September 17, 2018

Three gorgeous titles for younger children from Child's Play

We're catching up with one of our favourite publishers specialising in children's picture books for younger children...
Child's Play's books are always an utter joy, and we're very lucky to have three new ones to take a look at today.

First up is "Polonius the Pit Pony" by Richard O'Neill and Feronia Parker-Thomas.

Derived from a Traveller story passed down in the oral tradition, this is the heartwarming and touching tale of a small pony who works hard in a local mine. Smaller ponies were used in mines to navigate the tiny tunnels, pulling heavy loads and working very long hours.

Polonius and the other ponies were let out to stretch their legs in the fields once the annual holidays began, but after talking to two travellers horses, Polonius makes a bid for freedom and escapes through a gap in the mine fence.

Now free, Polonius joins the travellers and is soon adopted into their family, but how can he ever repay their kindness?

Using authentic language and feeling thoroughly fresh and original, this is a wonderful tale perfect for anyone who loves horses.

"Polonius The Pit Pony" by Richard O'Neill and Feronia Parker-Thomas is out now, published by Child's Play. 

Next, a book about a little chap who is a force of nature - and loves dashing around like...well, a Rhino! Fair enough, because in "Gently Bentley!" by Caragh Buxton, Bentley actually IS a rhino.

He's so full of energy and enthusiasm for everything, but as you can imagine, charging around when you're a hefty little chap can lead to the odd scrape, smash or crash.

Even at school Bentley is often being told "Gently, Bentley!" by his teacher - but there's one thing that makes Bentley slow down - his new baby sibling, fast asleep in their cot.

Bentley always treats them gently!

A lovely little tale, perfect for children who are expecting a new brother or sister soon.

"Gently Bentley" by Caragh Buxton is out now, published by Child's Play. 

Last, a waggy little tale in "Nipper and the Lunchbox" by Lucy Dillamore.

Nipper is absolutely devoted to his owner Richard. So naturally Nipper really hates it when Richard goes off to work at the Toy Shop.

One day Richard absent-mindedly forgets his lunchbox, and Nipper embarks on an epic quest to return it to his master - after all, no little pooch wants his master to go through the working day with a rumbly tum!

That's just the beginning of Nipper's adventures in the big town - will Nipper ever find Richard amongst all the other people in the busy market place?

The end of this one is a lovely heartwarming moment between man and dog.

A perfect poochy tale for dog fans. "Nipper and the Lunchbox" by Lucy Dillamore is out now, published by Child's Play (all books kindly supplied for review).