Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Three brilliant new titles coming from Laurence King Publishing for an artistic and creative summer and autumn!

Laurence King Publishing are renowned for publishing hugely interesting and engrossing children's books, usually with an artistic slant.

We've been taking a look at three up-and-coming titles from this innovative publisher, starting with Jon Burgerman's "Burgerworld" which is out now.

Jon Burgerman is a cult artist and creative who comes up with the most incredible and original artworks.

Now some of his brilliant designs have been collected together in a new colouring book, that will encourage you to unleash your creative potential.

There are tons of amazing ideas and designs in this fantastic book, here's a quick page sample...

"The Sausage People of Argentweiner" - Indeed!
Better still, the book comes with tons of brilliant and crazy stickers that you can either use in the book or in your own artworks. Fancy making something completely loopy? This book is definitely for you!

"Jon Burgerman's Burgerworld" is out now from Laurence King Publishing.

Sticking with art, our second title introduces a crew of artistic geniuses ready to amuse and educate you...

In "Arnold's Extraordinary Art Museum" by Catherine Ingram and Jim Stoten, you can join Arnold, Gertrude, Dot and the others on a whistle-stop tour of Arnold's museum.

Featuring a mixture of real and imaginary artwork to really fire up your imagination, this comic book journey unfolds as Arnold strives to build and compile the best art collection ever created.

You can join Arnold for an art adventure extraordinaire in September when the book is released in Hardback and paperback formats.

"Arnold's Extraordinary Art Museum" is also published by Laurence King Publishing.

Last but not least, it's time for some animal fun...

Huge page spreads chock full of detail! That's the order of the day for "The Amazing Animal Adventure" by Brendan Kearney and Anna Claybourne.

A globe-spanning exploration of all the animals, birds, fish, insects and goodness knows what else in a packed volume that's sure to delight and engage.

Each page spread explores a different corner of our amazing planet, with stylish and original illustrations picked out in glorious colour.

Here are a couple of example page spreads to feast your eyes on. How gorgeous is this book?

The Amazon Rainforest (Charlotte's favourite place!)

Night time on the Russian Taiga.
"The Amazing Animal Adventure" was released on 4th August by Laurence King Publishing. Pick up one of these astonishing books NOW, they're absolutely beautiful!